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Successful Sustainable Arctic Tourism seminar in Finnish Lapland.
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We hope this site will provide interesting information about the “why?” and “how?” of sustainable tourism in the Arctic – both for tourism companies and tourists. We will add content to the site as it becomes available and we are very interested to get your feedback, hear about your experiences and answer further questions. This site has been developed through the SMART project which has the goal to assist the arctic tourism sector in becoming more economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable.

Outputs from this international project include the Principles for Sustainable Arctic Tourism which are further explained in guidelines. To understand what sustainable tourism in the Arctic is all about, training material has been developed and courses will be offered at a national level. Companies that try to become sustainable in their operations might be interested in a certification that verified their efforts and the quality of their product. You will find more information about the development status of a sustainable arctic tourism label here.


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