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In order to improve the general knowledge on sustainable tourism, SMART project has developed training material for companies and operators. The primary target groups for training modules are small and medium sized tourism companies in the Northern areas. Students of tourism can exploit the training module material as well.

The content of the training modules can be utilized to improve the company performance in sustainable tourism issues. If the companies are going to apply for national or international labeling in sustainable tourism, it would be useful to know the contents of the modules. The criteria for achieving a label are integrated in the modules.

The training material is packed in modules for as easy use as possible. There are six modules based on the principles of Sustainable Arctic Tourism. Through the following links you will get the general overview of the modules.

  1. Benefit the local economy
  2. Operates in an environmentally responsible manner
  3. Supports the conservation of nature
  4. Respects and involves the local community
  5. Promotes quality and safety in all business operations
  6. Educates visitors about local nature and culture

The training will be deliverd by regional trainers. Face-to-face training and e-learning methods will be combined. The delivery of the training modules have started in 2006. Follow these web pages to know about the regional training possibilities.

The expertise of selected pilot companies in different regions has been utilized in developing the training modules. The training modules are planned in co-operation with the University of Arctic to match the curriculum of Circumpolar studies..



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