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Realizing that they can accomplish much more toward developing better and more ecotourism on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, a number of Kamchatka tour operators, guides, NGOs, and travel agents have joined forces to found the Kamchatka Ecotourism Society (KES). KES is open to ecotourism enthusiasts from 16 years old on up. The goal of KES is development of sustainable ecotourism on Kamchatka, a unique area of the Russian Far East. The Society encourages the socio-economic development of Kamchatka through rational use of tourism resources, especially our special protected territories. As well the organization seeks to preserve Kamchatka's natural and cultural heritage through responsible tourism. The emphasis of the organization is on responsible recreation by locals and Russians as well as by the growing numbers of non-Russian tourists.

KES President Yelena Avramenko was recently in the United States under a SABIT sponsored program in "Ecotourism" and together with KES members is currently creating a strategic plan for developing this organization. Key goals in the near future are starting regular training seminars in ecotourism, and creation of criteria for certification of Kamchatka's best ecotours under our own quality label.

For this KES has relied heavily on resources and inspiration provided by the SMART project and Sweden's Nature's Best quality label criteria.

For more information about KES contact either Vice President Martha Madsen ( or Secretary Tatiana Oborskaya at



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