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Sustainable tourism is based on a principle that clients are interested and respectful. When tourists learn about a culture, indigenous people and the environment, then the tourism business is providing the most benefits for all involved and minimizes their impacts. Knowledge and a positive experience enable tourists to act as ambassadors for Arctic environmental protection. The special vulnerability of the Arctic environment, its special characteristics and its global significance is important for visitors to understand. This principle stands for the importance of the tourism operator to act as an informant of the special vulnerability of the Arctic environment so it will fully be understood.

  • Guides inspire visitors.
    In indigenous tourism it is important to extend extra consideration in the interpreting of culture, traditions and history to customers. If the company employs competent staff, that has a good knowledge of the culture, history and nature of the region, they will be able to communicate their knowledge creatively to the customers which will enhance the tourists’ experience.
  • Guides and managers should have appropriate training concerning environmental issues as well as cultural sensitivity.
  • Information about destination and environmental issues is provided to visitors beforehand.
  • Visitors are given verbal and written interpretation and guidance with respect to the nature, culture, historic traditions as well as today life of the area visited.
  • Professional conservation principles are incorporated into tourism education, as well as in training and planning of the tourism activity.
  • Develop a constituency of satisfied and supportive visitors, people who will argue for objectives in the larger political debates in society.
  • Help visitors to understand the role of the sensitive Arctic area in regional and national tourism activities.
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