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The most important outcome of the Sustainable Model for Arctic Regional Toursim SMART project was the set of training modules. The training modules are mainly designed for trainers who would use the modules for trining purposes with tourism operators. The modules could also be used as part of tourism studies in educational institutions.

The training modules are based on the six sustainable arctic tourism principles, which were refined and adapted during SMART project 2003 - 2005. In the modules there are practical expamples and good practices collected from the operators around the arctic.

The current intellectual property rights of the training modules belong to the Sustainable Arctic Tourism Association SATA. Any trainer, who wants to further develop the contents of the training modules, is welcome to give feedback to representatives of SATA board. The regional contact persons are to be found under About / Contact on this website.

Simultaneously with the development of the training modules, the SMART project took the challenge to create an arctic-wide labelling for sustainable tourism. Finally the conclusion was that the arctic operators would achieve the arctic label by entering a national or regional sustainable tourism scheme first. Any tourism operator who would like to meet the criteria of any sustainable tourism label, should participate some kind of training. The sustainable arctic tourism training modules will contribute to creating sufficient knowledge level.



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