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Collecting the promising practices has been a starting phase for the project. It is also an on-going phase through the project period. The goal is to collect, document and analyse best practises relevant to sustainable arctic tourism.

A common framework for sustainable tourism in the Arctic area has been created as one of the early stages of SMART project. Definition of principles of nature based tourism is relying mostly on existing material and definements of sustainable tourism. The existing material is partly utilized as reference material in SMART. The benefits of sustainability will be shown to tourism companies. Increased earnings through sustainability or saving in costs are concrete benefits for companies in tourism sector. Sustainable tourism is not a trick - it requires on-going learning process by all the stakeholders. Sustainability is a strategic choice for companies.

Sustainable Arctic tourism is defined as form of tourism minimizing negative impacts and maximizing socio-cultural, environmental and economic benefits for residents of the Arctic. Sustainable tourism practices are clearly inducements for current and future visitors of the Arctic.

The definition of principles of nature based tourism can be seen in the Principles section of SMART web pages.



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