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  1. Water is scarce resource – shower is better than bath. With a bath the water consumpition is ca. 135 litres, for the shower roughly 50 litres. Don’t use more towels or bedclothes than necessary. You help to minimize the usage of water, elctricity and pollution from the detergents.
  2. Reduce the use of energy – energyproduction is strain for the nature and it is expensive. Put off lights or electrical apparatus when you don´t need them. Avoid using airconditioning when it is not totally necessary.
  3. Sort out wastes where it is possible. Follow the local procedures in sorting out or recycling the wastes.
  4. Dining out Try local dishes – it is part of travelling experience. Local raw materials are often more fresh and even cheaper than imported food stuff. Local food gives economic return for farmers and fishermen. The environmental load from transportation falls.
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