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  1. Remember that you are always a guest when travelling. Travel with open senses. Some things might happen on a different way than you expected. Do not prejudice or judge. Don’t be skeptical.
  2. Show consideration when you visit churches, temples or other holy places. Familiarize with local habits. Dress respectfully.
  3. Ask for permission if you take pictures of local people. Avoid situations where you could be disturbing. Take into account cultural differences.
  4. Act discreetly if have possibility to visit a private home.
  5. Give a present to the family you are visiting, rather one from your native country than a local present. Be patient with your time usage. Show respect to the elderly people regardless of the occupation or social status.
  6. Respect the beggers – not everybody have the circumstances we have.It might be better to give aid to some relief fund or community rather than to the beggers.
  7. Avoid showing or provoking any aggressions. In some cultures losing temper is same as losing the faces.
  8. Sex with underaged and with prostitutes are darkest sides of tourism. Paying for sex in developing countries is misuse of poverty. It can be perilous.
  9. Excessive use of alcohol is not appropriate. In many cultures the use of alchol is not very common. Adapt yourself with local habits. In many countries smoking is restricted.
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