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  1. Don’t buy any products made of protected plants or animals. Buying stuff made out protected raw materials is not only forbidden, it would promote smuggling and other criminal actions.
  2. Original cultural treasures are not any souvenirs. Historical and cultural remembrances are valueable in the original surroundings. Respect the local culture. Don’t pick up any irreplaceable objects from the nature. Rather buy copies from a souvenir shop.
  3. Be generous when bargaining. Bargaining is often very common, but don´t get advantage of poverty of the seller. Be fare, humour is in place.
  4. Rather buy locally produced products and use local services. Souvenirs manufactured outside the area are not really memories of the destination you visited. When you buy, think what benefits the local community the best. Buying locally will employ local people and reduce the need for begging.
  5. Drugs and narcotics. Think twice!
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